As a volunteer organization, we produce these events in our spare time, which may mean early morning, weekends or late at night. As such, the best way to contact us is via e-mail. If you need to speak with one of us, please mention this in the e-mail and we will be pleased to call you at an appropriate time.

Charity Treks, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Board Members
Mark Stanis, President – mark [at]
Quinn Beckham, Sr. Vice-President – quinn [at]
David Thibault, Sr. Vice-President & Treasurer – david [at]
Fred Ury, Vice-President, General Counsel & Secretary – fred [at]
Elaina Mangione, Vice-President – elaina [at]
Michael Moore – michael [at]

If you have any questions please see below for the appropriate email address and contact us for a quick response.

General event Information or questions
– Mark Stanis – mark [at]

Rider information or questions
– Tom Shaw – tmshw67 [at]
– Michael Moore – mmoore3593 [at]

Crew information or questions
– Tom Shaw – tmshw67 [at]
– Mark Stanis – mark [at]

Food information or questions
– Elaina Mangione – elaina [at]

Medical Questions
– Quinn Beckham – quinn [at]

Registration and Donation Questions
– Mark Stanis – mark [at]

Training Questions
– Fred Ury – fred [at]

Website and Media Questions
– David Thibault – david [at]

Mailing Address
– PO Box 321, Charlottesville, VA 22902