Hello and good evening to all,

Today’s newsletter is a not-so-subtle reminder about our event this summer: it is less than 100 days away (96 to be exact, to registration day). In fact, if you read this newsletter tonight, we are exactly 14 weeks away, day-for-day, from being at Camp 2 on August 12th.

Obviously, if you haven’t registered yet, NOW would be a good time to do so. Although the weather hasn’t been the greatest to break out the spandex, hopefully many of you already have some training rides completed and are looking forward to the event.

Did we mention there are changes to the route this year . . . ?


We can confirm the changes we teased about in the previous newsletter. We are putting the final touches on the route but we can say that the total miles will be 425 (ish).

We are also making arrangements for the Princess option. We will release this info within 2 weeks so everyone can plan appropriately.


Our current registration count is a bit low compared to last year at this time. If you haven’t already done so, what gives ?? You know you want to be there . . .

All you have to do is visit our website at charitytreks.org and click on the “REGISTER ONLINE” button at the top of the page.


If you plan on ordering a jersey, you need to register within the next few weeks, since we must place the jersey order well in advance of the event. We do not order very many extras, so if you must have one, this is your call to action.


We’re still shooting for 75 riders, 35 crew and $150,000 in donations. Are you up to helping achieve this somewhat modest goal?

Check your calendar and consider registering. Call up or email friends who may be interested and send them to the website. Begin fundraising early and use it as motivation to train (yes, there will be hills).

In short, we are reaching out to you to help continue the accomplishments made thus far in finding a vaccine.